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Sustainable Crop Husbandry

A.Plant Growth Promoting Formulations


Cow Dung (Slurry from gobar gas plants are better) - 3 Kg
Cow Urine- 750 ml (Three glassful approx.)
Cow Milk- 500 ml (Two glassful Approx)
Cow Curd- 500 ml (Two glassful Approx)
Cow Ghee-200ml (One glassful Approx)
Water-10 liters

Procedure-Mix together thoroughly in water and spray over plants of kitchen garden, vegetable plants, citrus plants etc, with the help of a broom, once a day and repeat after a week

Indications -
This helps controlling pests, helps greening of leaves, increase pollination and fruition. Increase harvest. Many times it is seen leaves of vegetable plants like brinjal, ladies finger, lemon, oranges etc get yellowish, netted, loss greenness due to various reasons. In these cases it works effectively and restores normal and productive health of plants.

N.B.-To make it cheaper, easily available and more accessible one can only mix cow dung, urine and curd together and spray.

2.Ajwain Water (Juaani Paani)

Ajwain (Carom copticum) seeds-200gms

Procedure-Grind the seeds into powder and mix with 2 liters of water and spray over plants, once a day and repeat after 7 days.

Indications -
Many times vegetable plants like peas; beans, Jhudanga peas etc do not bear flowers and fruits although plants seem healthy. In these cases if Ajwain water is used as described above, flowering and fruition capacity increases effectively.

3.Curd Water (Dahi Pani).

Curd from Cows’ milk- 250 ml (One glass)

Procedure-Half liter of curd is mixed thoroughly with a litre of water and sprayed over vegetable, once a day and repeat after 7 days.

Indications -
Vegetable plants like brinjal, ladies finger etc do not grow properly, their leaves look yellowish, netted. Fruit bearing lessened. In these cases, Dahi Pani Spray works wonderfully.



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