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Call Dr Balaram Sahu, for herbal healing of livestocks
Time-7.30 AM to 9AM and 4.30 PM to 7 PM

About us

  • We see each human mind, as a seed with unimaginable potentiality and possibilities. Each has the inherent capability to learn and live bountifully.
  • We strongly believe, living beings are all related, bonded at an invisible level. We need to communicate and reach all to keep this bonding intact for peace and prosperity
  • We are confident; our mother planet is full of plentiful resources, to sustain all. We need to know and make others know the holistic approaches, skills and technologies on just use of natural resources for sustainable development.
Our Inspiration
Our Chancellor
Our Visiting Professor
Our Team
Our Team

Anil K Gupta (Padmashree)

Shree Bishnupada Sethi

Dr Ilse Kohller Rollefson

Dr Balaram Sahu

Malabika Sahu
The professor, Grass Root Innovation Guru, writer, poet, editor,visionary and thinker
The philosopher, thinker, poet and administrator
A med -vet,anthropologist,writer, editor,philosopher ,world wide advocate of Animal Keepers Right, Endogenous Livestock Development
The researcher, writer, poet, editor and communicator.
The researcher on food from Minimum to Maximum for Many.


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