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Our Story

    Despite continuous explosion in knowledge system and advent of modern technologies, in different walks of life, hunger remains. This holds truer in states like Orissa, Bihar, North East states although there is surplus production and reserve of food grains. Hunger happens because of the failure of the technologies of livelihood to percolate and to enable the people remaining in the lowest stratum of our society to generate income. This is either due to difficulties in diffusing the technologies to the ground level or due to incapability of the system to reach the people at their door steps in their languages and tradition or due to incomprehensible practices involved in executing those technologies or due to non-availability of external inputs at common man’s reach or due to high cost involved in it. Most of the technologies directed towards people, should have its root in the society and the people at large should be the bedrock on which these new technologies and innovative ideas should bloom.

Many times, technologies are often tried by different agencies to bloom on the bedrock made of other than the people’s need and people’s absorption capability for which the technology is rejected. The people should be the target and at the same time the technology should be able to hold people’s imagination and be people’s friendly. As long as the bedrock of our society constituting of poor farmers, pastoralists, livestock keepers, artisans, carpenters etc. is not empowered with knowledge in people’s language and peoples place no technology would bloom. Hence the concept

“Pathe Pathshala”

The first class of Pathe Pathshaalaa was held at village Dalibati, Khallikoe of Ganjam District on 19.11.2008 at 12.45pm. The road side class of 33 goat keepers was inaugurated by Shri Bishnupada Sethi, Director of A.H. & V.S., Orissa at near N.H. 5 road side. The class was visited by Dr. Ilse Kollher Rollefsan of Germany, a well known bio-conservationist. Shri Bishnupada Sethi, the Chancellor of the informal University of “Pathe Pathshallaa – A people’s University on move” lit the auspicious lamp and addressed the vidyarthis how a people university can impart education to farmers, students, artisans, potters etc. at their doorsteps in their own language. Dr. Balaram Sahu the honorary Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Pathe Pathshalaa taught the vidyarthis and principles of sustainable goat rearing by Golla Committee. Dr. Ilse Kohller Rollefsan, the visiting Professor of the people’s University addressed the gathering and expressed her best wishes to the Golla Community.

At last, the question answer session started and 20 success participants were awarded with prize of a steel food plate each. The class closed with the discussion of deworming medicine to the goat farmers. All the farmers were distributed free of dewarmy agents by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services.


And the journey continues…..

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