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Ama Akhapakha (In My Neighborhood) - The magazine on grass root innovations and traditional knowledge (Old and Current issues) system in agriculture, livestock rearing, fisheries, irrigation, herbal healing and many other walks of life. The magazine gives simple solutions in form of tips –Links….

Jeunthi Pashudaktara Paakhare Nahanti… (When there is no vet nearby)-The Book on low input based herbal healing of livestock. The author has been awarded with National Award for his outstanding contribution in the field of Science and Technology communications by Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India, where this book has been acknowledged as a medium of technology communication. Link….
Matsya O Ama Bikash (Fisheries and our Development)-The Book with vivid description of all aspects of fisheries including crab, prawn, traditional, ornamental, fish tradition and culture.
Pig Pastoralism in Odisha-The Book on indigenous pig-rearing people, their science, skill, tradition and culture. Link…
Keeper Of Fire-The Book with prose and poetry on Grass Root Innovations and Traditional Knowledge System. The prose and poetry celebrates the work and life of hidden Heroes and Heroines of our society.

Mukta Mahotsaba ( Pearl Culture in Scientific Way)- Book. There is a vivid description with illustrations on means of scientific culturing, harvesting pearl in home stead tanks/ponds, as a source of income.
Tika Dana (Vaccination) -Book Tips on vaccinations/immunizations in livestock and humans with schedule.
Science for Our Children (Bacteria)- Book This is an introduction to Bacterial World for school children, to make them aware of the invisible world present in our neighborhood.
Science for Our Children (Virus)- Book. This is an introduction to World of Virus for school children, to make them aware of the invisible world present in our neighborhood.
Sharirare Samar Saja (Battle Field in Body)-Book. There is vivid description of our body's immunity system in lucid language with illustrations and poetic captions to make the complicated subject understandable for a common man. The book bagged "Orissa Bigyan Academy Award" in year 2002 as the best popular science book of the year 1998.
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